About Us

We are a bunch of professionals who find it very interesting to solve intricate problems and provide easy to use ERP solutions in order to ease the life of people who have to deal with lot of manual and repetitive workflows. We focus completely on providing ERP based solutions and stick to Odoo as the development engine owing to its great community which keeps it up-to-date with state-of-art technologies and makes it flexible enough to mould as per needs. We love solving challenging problems, translating requirements into software and educating people on how to use the same. You will find quality, reliability and straightforwardness in us and surely a friendly nature. For more info get in touch and we would love to hear from you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip SME/SMBs with ERP implementation so as to help them and provide a digital platform whch collects info and assists them in their daily workflows. We strive to produce quality and put up professionalism at its zenith in our dealings.

Our Plan

Our plan is to innovate in area of ERP and empower organizations with sharper equipments at their disposal. With technology getting more and more disruptive we aim to build bridges and fill the gaps between platforms in order to use ERP to its fullest extent.

Our Vision

Our vision is 6/6 : ). We want to digitize things for you so as to create a future where there is more room for doing business rather than spending time on tedious workflows.


We offer a number of software related services such as Web/Mobile application development, ERP, Asset Tracking in IoT, etc.


Our primary work is providing ERP solutions. We promote Odoo as the platform to implement the same and offer Functional training, Consultancy and Customization as per need.

IoT (Internet of Things)

We harbor experts who have had prior experience in IoT domain having worked with Beacons (BLE technology) to provide Asset Tracking, Real Time Location Services, etc. We can help you track your inventory and plug-in the same with Odoo to provide a pervasive solution.

Mobile Apps

The team has expertise in building Mobile applications in Android/iOS in native platform. We can help you create wireframes, designs, front end and back-end development along with robust QA.

Desktop Apps

Developed a multitude of standalone as well as a server/Database backed application for desktops both for Linux as well as Windows using PyQT4/5 and Pyside.

Databases (SAP HANA)

Need to structure complex SQL queries or design data model for a new project? Try out our experts who have hands-on experience with complex SQL/No-SQL writing in various platforms such as MS SQL Server, MySql, Postgre, Oracle and SAP HANA too.

Backend Technologies

Having more than 5 years of experience in industry we can provide development on Java, Python, Node JS, .NET, C#, Linux, AWS, Docker, Azure, GCP, Ngnix, Apache, UWSGI, Gunicorn technologies.

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